Dell Children’s Committed to Zero Harm


logoDell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas is teaming up with more than 90 children’s hospitals nationwide committed to patient safety. The hospitals are part of Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety(SPS), a national learning network dedicated to providing children with the highest quality and safest care possible. The mission of the SPS network is to eliminate harm in pediatric hospitals by sharing important data, successes and learnings. Having already saved nearly 5,000 children from preventable harm, SPS is making great strides toward its collective goal.

“All Teach, All Learn”

In order to achieve the goals set out by the network, SPS stresses the importance of never sacrificing the safety of the children in our care for the sake of competition. By working together and learning through one another, SPS hopes to reduce readmissions by 10 percent, cut serious safety events by 25 percent and decrease 11 specific hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent, including adverse drug events, surgical site infections and unplanned extubations.

The more than 90 hospitals connected in this mission understand the immense power in numbers, which is why Dell Children’s is so committed to being a part of this great force in children’s healthcare.

Child and Family Involvement

The families of the children in our care are also an integral part of the SPS commitment to zero harm. After all, families are important caregivers and who know their children best. By following guidelines outlined by SPS, which include always asking questions, knowing your child’s medications and making sure everyone washes their hands, family engagement can play a major role in patient safety.

Dell Children’s is pleased to be a part of this vital group of pediatric hospitals working together for the health and safety of children across the country.