Low-Dose CT Scan Launches at Dell Children’s


CT-scanA new low-dose CT scanner available at Dell Children’s Medical Center allows for nearly instantaneous scans, making the process much easier for kids who need these diagnostic scans. Dell Children’s is the first pediatric hospital in Texas to use the new technology.

Because CT scans can now be performed in a fraction of a second, children no longer need to be sedated before a scan takes place. In addition, they no longer have to hold their breath for several seconds in order to achieve a high-quality scan.

A complete head scan now only takes half a second, allowing doctors to see results and make a diagnosis much faster. A similar traditional scan could take 15 seconds or more. Plus, images produced by the low dose scanner are much clearer than older CT scans.

“Every second does count,” says Dr. Lori Barr, a radiologist at Dell Children’s. “And the faster that we can mobilize a surgical team appropriate for the patient’s condition, the faster we have the critical care team to accept the patient, if the patient needs to to go to the intensive care unit then the faster they are in the right hands.”