Nursing Supervisor/New Dad Knows Good Nursing – and He Saw it at Seton Austin



AUSTIN, Texas – (July 23, 2014) – When Greg Stermolle’s wife was about to deliver their first child, Camille, the couple checked into Seton Medical Center Austin before dawn. He brought with him a learned eye for what is good care – and what isn’t.

As nursing supervisor for Austin Regional Clinic, Stermolle knows good nursing when he sees it.

And at Seton Austin, he saw a lot of it.

“We were a bit apprehensive about the hospital experience,” he said. “We were worried about being rushed and pushed into interventions that we did not want; however, our experience was far from that!”

“The nurses were pleasant, very professional and confident,” Stermolle said. “I wish I could remember all the names because I was very impressed.”

Stermolle and his wife had developed a “birth plan” over the course of the pregnancy, but chose to deviate from it upon arrival to the hospital April 6. The nurses were quick to adjust, and went back through everything to make sure the Stermolles got exactly what they wanted.

Into the morning, their delivery experience remained positive, in spite of computer problems and a nurse shift change.

“I am quite sure that when the nurses were outside of the room, they were banging on the computers and trying to throw them down the hall,” Stermolle said. “But in the room, they were great!”

The nurses’ abilities to keep their composure and maintain a calm atmosphere for delivery, regardless of troubles outside the delivery room, were key factors to enhancing the Stermolle’s positive patient experience.

Over the course of the birth, the Stermolles interacted with multiple nurses.

“I cannot say enough about the nursing care we received at Mother & Baby. Whoever hired/trained these nurses did an amazing job,” Stermolle said. “I could not have asked for better care!”

The staff went beyond their basic treatment duties and provided support in other ways to the Stermolles as they brought their new baby into the world.

“Our nurse made sure we had everything we needed and even offered advice about how to adjust to things once we left the hospital,” Stermolle said. “The nurse shooed ancillary staff and family out of the room to make sure mom and the baby really had a chance to relax.”

While quality care is the core of the patient experience, often it’s little actions and reactions, stemming from nurses’ positive attitudes, that can shape an experience into something great.

“Nursing care is very important to me, as I’m sure you can imagine,” Stermolle said. “I want to applaud Seton nurses for giving us an OUTSTANDING experience … They are doing an incredible job!”