Why Seeing a Pediatric Neurologist Might Be Recommended

Most of the time your child’s family doctor will be able to treat the problems that arise during the course of your child’s normal development. However, if your child experiences a seizure, chronic migraines, developmental disorders or weakness in the muscles you might consider seeing a pediatric neurologist.

What Is a Pediatric Neurologist?

The best pediatric neurologists diagnose and treat problems with children’s brain and nervous system. Your child’s nervous system is a complex system that allows signals to move between the brain and other parts of the body.

Conditions caused by the breakdown of communication that can happen in a child’s nervous system are what pediatric neurologists study and treat.

Migraine Headaches

It isn’t uncommon for children to experience headaches, but very few experience migraines. A migraine headache is a very severe and debilitating headache that can cause sensitivity to light, nausea and difficulty seeing.

While a regular headache can be treated with water, rest and over-the-counter pain medication, prolonged or repeated migraines should be treated by a pediatrician. If your child also experiences other neurologic dysfunctions such as loss of sight, confusion or weakness, then your pediatrician may recommend a visit to the best pediatric neurologist in your area.


Seizures in children are not common, but they’re also not as rare as you might think. Some children experience febrile seizures. These are seizures that can appear scary to a parent, but don’t lead to epilepsy or cause lasting harm.

If your child experiences a seizure, you should take them to see a pediatrician as soon as possible. Your child’s doctor will be able to treat febrile seizures, and can help you determine if the seizure is more serious. If your child experiences multiple seizures over time, they should see a pediatric neurologist.