5 Ways to Help Children With Communication Problems

Little Girl PlayingIf your child has problems speaking or using language, a trip to a pediatric neurologist is certainly a must. Your pediatric neurologist can help assess the nature of the communication problems and recommend interventions. There are also a number of things you can do help your child’s development.

Here are five ways you can help your children develop their basic communication skills.

1. Read Books Together

It can be difficult for a child with speech and language problems to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. When you read with your child, encourage them to name objects and read words aloud. This helps to strengthen your child’s speech and language skills.

2. Describe Your Environment

During the day, it’s important to spend a great deal of time speaking with your child. Describe the activities you share and the objects that fill your environment.

Make constant chatter and verbal narration of the day’s happenings a habit when spending time with your child.

3. Use a Variety of Words

When you use a variety of words to describe objects, you trigger the learning mechanism in your child. Naming colors in both your primary language along with a second language can help your child practice and exercise their speech abilities without a pediatric neurologist.

4. Sing Out Loud

If your child has a condition that makes it difficult for them to speak, you may want to consider singing. When you and your child spend time singing songs, they’re able to use and exercise their voice in a therapeutic way.

5. Sign Everything

Using sign language when naming objects or speaking with your child can also help boost their ability to use language to communicate. While this is a necessary step for deaf children, it can also be helpful for children who have difficulty speaking for other reasons.