4 Ways to Help Children Manage Seizure-Triggering Stress

kids outsideSeizures in children may sometimes seem like they can strike anytime, but an important part of managing seizures is recognizing their triggers. Stress is a serious trigger for seizures in many children, so it makes sense to learn how to avoid and cope with it.

Teaching children how to cope with stress and providing them with an environment free of unnecessary stress can improve their ability to manage seizures. Here are four ways you can help your child lead a stress-free lifestyle.

1. Make Sleep a Priority

Regular sleep is very important for managing both stress and seizures. Sleep is the time of day our brains recharge and flush out the stress-related hormones that accumulate there during the day. A habit of regular, restful sleep is needed to maintain a healthy and seizure-free brain.

Cultivating habits that promote a stress-free lifestyle is an important part of managing seizures in children.

2. Slow Down

It can seem like having five different extra-curricular activities is a good idea, but the demands of long hours with little downtime can put a lot of stress on kids. Try to find the right balance of activity and leisure to reduce stress and exhaustion from overwork.

3. Make Time for Playtime

Games and fun activities are not only important educational tools, but they can also help kids relax and de-stress. Make sure your child has enough time for free-form creative play to allow them a chance to explore the world in a stress-free way.

4. Keep Yourself De-Stressed

Our feelings and attitudes tend to rub off on those around us, especially our children. If you’re feeling stressed, then there’s a good chance your child will also. When you make an effort to stay relaxed and remain positive, you’ll provide your epileptic child with a good role model and important skills for staying stress-free and seizure-free.