Children of Migrant Farm Workers

What is a Migrant Farm Worker?

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) defines a migrant farm worker as “a migratory agricultural worker, whose principal employment is in agriculture on a seasonal basis, who has been so employed within the last twenty-four months, and who establishes for the purposes of such employment a temporary abode.”

How does Dell Children’s Health Plan help children of migrant farm workers?

Children of migrant farm workers tend to have higher needs when it comes to their health. Dell Children’s Health Plan wants to ensure that all families receive the healthcare and support they need. We do this by assisting children in receiving accelerated services while they are in the area.

If you are a Dell Children’s Health Plan PCP, we appreciate you identifying any possible MFW Children as soon as you become aware. If you have any doubts or questions contact Provider Customer Service at 1-844-781-2343.