Extra Benefits for Pregnant and New Moms

We have extra benefits to help you through pregnancy so you and your baby are healthy.

  • Pregnant members will get pregnancy, postpartum and newborn educational materials to help them learn about pregnancy and postpartum care, including the importance of prenatal and ongoing doctor visits.

Plus, get these extra benefits as our member:

  • Home visits for members when pregnant and after delivery. Doula services available during birth and after as well. Postpartum services not available to CHIP Perinate members.
  • Pregnancy classes to help members prepare for childbirth and to educate and inform about each trimester, delivery, and the postpartum period. Baby showers are hosted for groups of pregnant members and include pregnancy education and giveaway items.
  • Newborn care kit for pregnant members and members who have delivered in the past.
  • 60 days; the kit may include items such as a diaper bag, baby blanket, digital thermometer or baby monitor (one per delivery).
  • Breastfeeding support kit including breast feeding information and various aides such as a breastfeeding pillow, nursing cover, and nursing pad (for pregnant members and up to 30 days after delivery)
  • Smoking cessation support kit and counseling for pregnant members to help them quit smoking, for ages 18 and older.
  • Fresh fruit, produce or prepared meals for pregnant members after delivery and discharge from the hospital—one box per month for three months delivered to the member’s home.
  • Help getting a ride to pregnancy or birthing classes.
  • Convertible car seat for members who complete six prenatal visits during pregnancy (one car seat per pregnancy per child)
  • Online Pregnancy and Early Parenting Program accessible 24/7 through web or mobile app provides support to New and Expecting Parents.
  • Dental services
    • Up to $500 each year for checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings and extractions for STAR members ages 21 and older.
    • Up to $500 each year for checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions for CHIP Perinate members ages 19 and older