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How do I become a Dell Children’s Health Plan Provider?

Anyone who provides services covered by Dell Children’s Health Plan may apply to be contracted. However, applying does not always mean you will receive a contract. All requests are looked at to make sure members can work with quality providers in the network.

For details, please check out the contracting page:

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Where can I find the provider manual?

Provider Manual PDF

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Where can I find training materials for new providers?

Please check our Provider Resources page to find training materials. You can also register for upcoming provider training webinars by contacting Provider Engagement.
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Where can I find prior authorization forms?

Providers can access the prior authorization forms and other downloadable forms here.

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How do I verify patient eligibility, claims status, and referral status?

Dell Children’s Health Plan providers can use a web-based self-service application. This lets them check patient eligibility, claims status and referral status.

If you would like to create an account, please register here.

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Why can’t I see a provider in my practice on the online directory?

  • The provider’s information may not have been submitted yet.
  • The provider has been linked to the site but the Provider Directory has not been updated yet.
  • The application has not yet been received OR is currently undergoing credentialing.

If you have questions about the online directory, please contact Provider Engagement.

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Whom do I contact to update changes for a provider or practice?

Please email us at for any changes to a provider’s address, phone number, group affiliation and other updates.

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Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding my Dell Children’s Health Plan contract?

Please contact Provider Engagement by email at or at 512-324-3125 opt 4.

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Whom do I contact about Dell Children’s Health Plan’s day-to-day operational questions?

Providers can email us at

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Whom do I contact about claims questions?

For claims-related questions, contact Customer Service at:

CHIP/STAR: 888-821-1108

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Whom do I contact about member questions?

Questions regarding Dell Children’s Health Plan members should be directed to Customer Service at:

CHIP/STAR: 888-596-0268

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Whom do I contact regarding a complaint?

Dell Children’s Health Plan values your feedback. Providers have the chance to ask questions, provide comments or express concerns using the online Provider Complaint Form.

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