Extra Benefits

Members love our extra benefits.

As a Dell Children’s Health Plan member, you can expect more. On top of the health-care coverage you get with any CHIP or STAR Medicaid health plan, we offer many extra benefits that our members love! Limitations and restrictions may apply.

The following extra benefits are available beginning September 1, 2020.

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Healthy Rewards

Earn rewards for doing healthy activities, like getting certain checkups or treatments:

  • $120 for completing six Texas Health Steps/well-child checkups per the Texas Health Steps/American Academy of Pediatrics visit schedule (ages 0-15 months)
  • Up to $60 ($20 each visit) for Texas Health Steps/well-child checkups at 18, 24, and 30 months
  • $20 each year for Texas Health Steps/well-child checkups (ages 3-20)
  • $20 for getting the full series of rotavirus vaccine before age 2
  • $25 for getting the full series of flu vaccine, ages 6-24 months (gift card allowance for over-the-counter medicines)
  • $25 each year for getting a flu vaccination, for members ages 3 or older (gift card allowance for over-the-counter medicines)
  • $20 for members ages 6-12 newly diagnosed with ADHD who have a follow-up visit with their prescribing provider within 30 days after starting their medication treatment
  • $20 for having a follow-up outpatient visit with a mental health provider within seven days of discharge from the hospital for a mental health stay — up to four times per year
  • $20 for getting a full series of the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination, for members ages 9-12
  • $50 for receiving a prenatal checkup in the first trimester of pregnancy or within 42 days of joining the health plan.
  • $75 for receiving a postpartum checkup 7-84 days after giving birth.
  • And more!

Log into your secure account or call 888-990-8681 (TTY 711) learn more about our Healthy Rewards Program and start earning today!

CHIP Perinate members are not eligible for Healthy Rewards.

Vision services

  • Extra $100 for upgraded lenses and frames every two years.
  • Extra $100 for a fitting fee and contacts instead of glasses every two years for members ages 15-18 years.

Call Superior Vision of Texas at 800-879-6901 or visit their website for these benefits.

Neighborhood center/Club memberships

  • Free membership at Williamson County YMCA.
  • Up to $50 per semester for a Boys & Girls Club basic membership for kids ages 6-18 years, where available.

Car and bike safety

  • Convertible car seat for members who complete six prenatal visits during pregnancy (one car seat per pregnancy per child)
  • Free car booster seat for members ages 4-12 who get an initial health assessment or an annual checkup within 90 days of joining the plan. Car Booster Seat Request Form (PDF, 452KB)
  • Free bike helmet for members ages 3-18 who get an initial health assessment or an annual well-child checkup within 90 days of joining the plan. Bike Safety Helmet Request Form (PDF, 139KB)

Sports and school physicals

  • One sports and school physical each year for members through age 18.

Extra help for pregnant and new moms

Be a part of our Taking Care of Baby & Me® program to help you through pregnancy and as a new mom.

  • Pregnant members will get pregnancy, postpartum and newborn educational materials to help them learn about pregnancy and postpartum care, including the importance of prenatal and ongoing doctor visits.

Plus, get these extra benefits as our member:

  • Pregnancy classes to help members prepare for childbirth and to educate and inform about each trimester, delivery, and the postpartum period. Baby showers are hosted for groups of pregnant members and include pregnancy education and giveaway items.
  • Newborn care kit for pregnant members and members who have delivered in the last.
    60 days; the kit may include items such as a diaper bag, baby blanket, digital thermometer, or baby monitor (one per delivery).
  • Breastfeeding support kit including breast feeding information and various aides such as a breastfeeding pillow, nursing cover, and nursing pad (for pregnant members and up to 30 days after delivery)
  • Smoking cessation support kit and counseling for pregnant members to help them quit smoking, for ages 18 and older.
  • Fresh fruit and produce for pregnant members after delivery and discharge from the hospital – one box per month for three months delivered to the member’s home.
  • Help getting a ride to pregnancy, birthing, or newborn classes.

Dental services

  • Up to $500 each year for checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions for STAR members ages 21 and older.
  • Up to $500 each year for checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions for CHIP Perinate members ages 19 and older.

Asthma, Diabetes, Substance Use Disorder, and Cardiovascular Disease Management

  • Allergy-free pillow cover (one per year) for members ages 20 and younger who have asthma and are in a disease management program.
  • Allergy-free mattress cover sizes twin-king (one per year) for members ages 20 and younger who have asthma and are in a disease management program.
  • Educational materials for members in one of our disease management programs for diabetes, asthma, substance use disorder, or hypertension.

Mental well-being

  • Use our free online and mobile app program, Emotional Well-being Resources, to help with stress, anxiety, depression or substance abuse. It’s convenient and confidential. For members ages 13 and older.

GED Assistance Program

  • For STAR members ages 18 and older, Dell Children’s Health Plan will cover the fee of the high school equivalency test.

24-hour Nurse HelpLine


  • You can get help with transportation to doctor appointments, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) offices, or Member Advisory Group (MAG) meetings. There is a limit of one ride per member per month for WIC and MAG appointments.

Lifeline Cell Phone

  • Members who qualify for the federal Lifeline program can get a free cellphone with free monthly minutes, text messages and data. Members get unlimited calls to our Member Services line and unlimited calls and texts with our Member Advocates, including important renewal reminders.

Social Services resource directory

  • Members can access the Social Services resource directory online to help locate community supports such as food and nutrition, housing, education, and employment services

CHIP Perinate members are not eligible for all benefits – see the member handbook for specific benefit details.


We’re here to help. Call us at 888-596-0268 (TTY 711) or fill out a contact form. You can also view the member handbook for more information on how to use your benefits.

You can find more benefit details, including exclusions and limitations, in the newest member handbook. Get a copy for free at DellChildrensHealthPlan.com/members.