Day One – Thursday, February 7, 2013
2011 Federal Screening Recommendations for Complex Congenital Heart Disease
5:30pmWine Reception & Registration
6:45pmWelcome Greetings
7:00pmKeynote Speaker: Pulse Oximetry Screening Mandate – Where in the World??
Matthew Park, M.D.
8:30pmQ&A Session
9:00pmClosing Remarks
Day Two – Friday, February 8, 2013
Morning Session: Screening for Heart Disease in infants and the very young
7:15 amBreakfast/ Registration
7:30 amCCHD Screening Progress and Process
M Park, M.D. (Grand Rounds)
in conjunction with Pediatric Grand Rounds
8:30 amIntroduction & Welcome
K. Shaffer, M.D.
8:45 amIntroduction to Complex Congenital Heart Disease
S. Goldstein, M.D.
9:30 amBreak
9:45 amPatterns & Public health impact of heart defects in Texas
M Canfield, Ph.D.
10:30 amOther Causes of the Blues
N Thornton, M.D.
11:15 amConfirmed CCHD — What Next?
K Fox, M.D. & H. Stern, M.D.
12:00 pmLunch
12:30 pmPanel Discussion
Afternoon Session: Screening for Heart Disease in Older Children
1:00 pmGrowing Pains
K Wright, M.D. and Kristy Neff, CFNP
1:45 pmSometimes you have Rhythm without the Blues
D. Shmorhun, M.D
2:30 pmBreak
2:45 pmObesity Weighs Heavy on the Heart
S Pont, M.D.
3:30 pmMy Journey – Special guest living with CCHD
Vick Alvarado
4:15 pmClosing Remarks
4:30 pmAdjourn