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We offer several convenient ways to refer to physicians and groups at Dell Children’s Medical Center.
Refer a Patient

Emergency Care Options

Dell Children’s now offers emergency care in five locations: Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Medical Center Hays, Seton Northwest Hospital, Seton Medical Center Williamson, Providence Health Center and soon  Seton Southwest Hospital. When your patients have an emergency, they can access Dell Children’s care services much closer to home.
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Pediatric ED Educational Materials

Here are additional educational items for our referral, transferring and expanded Dell Children’s emergency care facilities.

  • DCMC Bronchiolitis Clinical Pathway
  • DCMC Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines
  • Seton Pediatric Asthma Clinical Pathway
  • Physician Job Opportunities

    Discover the many benefits of working at Dell Children’s Medical Center and send an application.
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    Seton Doctor Link

    Get news, announcements, COMPASS access and other resources for Seton physicians.
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    Referral Recommendations

    The specialists at Dell Children’s want to help you determine when is the right time to send your patient for an evaluation and how to make that visit most productive.
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    Evidence-Based Care Guidelines

    Get care guidelines for several pediatric conditions and illnesses.
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    Physician Engagement

    Seton’s Physician Engagement (PE) Team is here to help you easily access Seton Healthcare Family facilities and resources.
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    Local Virology Reports

    Get updated data on RSV, influenza and viral PCR test results at Dell Children’s Medical Center.
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    Nursing Information

    Learn the many advantages of becoming a nurse at Dell Children’s Medical Center.
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    See upcoming conferences, grand rounds schedules, department newsletters and more.
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    Pediatric Radiology Newsletters and Best Practice in Imaging