General Questions

What is a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician?

  • A Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician (DBP) is a pediatric doctor who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with developmental, learning and/or behavior problems. DBP’s are pediatricians with additional training in caring for children with developmental and behavioral differences.
  • Our clinic currently serves new patients aged 0-14 years. Your provider will discuss and assist with your child’s transition of care when appropriate.

How does DBP services differ from other professionals who evaluate and treat children?

  •  We utilize an interdisciplinary team to offer your family the most efficient and holistic care. As a specialty clinic, we utilize a variety of diagnostic assessment tools and work collaboratively with pediatric psychologists and social workers to provide evaluation, treatment and family support services. Currently, we do not provide ABA or psychiatry services.

Why was my child referred to Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics?

  • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics is a specialty clinic. Children and adolescents may be referred here for a variety of concerns, including developmental delays, behavior challenges, attention or learning difficulties, and other neurodiverse needs.
  • In order to be scheduled…
    • Your child’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) must place a referral to our clinic. Our fax number is: 512.380.4274 You must submit completed New Patient Paperwork.Please keep in mind, even if you complete this paperwork, we will still need a referral from your primary care physician in order to move forward.

How long will my child have to wait to see the doctor?

  • Due to high demand, wait times are variable. Our team is growing and works hard to see patients as quickly as possible. On average, families wait three to six months. Your child will not be placed on the waitlist until you return the new patient packet. The wait time does NOT start at time of referral.

Before Your Appointment

What should I expect at the first appointment?

  • Every new patient visit is different, depending on the specific reason you are coming to see us. Your provider will collect a thorough clinical history, may offer developmental testing, consult on previous diagnoses or behavioral challenges, or refer for further testing with our psychology team. Typically, a review of available previous medical records is completed before the visit. Please fax any records to: 512.380.4274. The provider will always conclude the appointment with a plan for you and your child. Please click here to learn more about how to prepare for your first appointment.Dell Children’s provides clinical instruction for pediatric residents as they complete their
    training. Residents are medical doctors who have finished medical school and are
    completing “hands-on” training to be able to practice on their own. They are highly
    competent and enthusiastic about their learning and your child’s care and, as always,
    they will maintain your confidentiality. They will always be supervised by a
    developmental pediatrician and you will always have the option of NOT having them
    participate in your child’s care.

Where is my appointment?

  • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics has multiple locations:
    • Capital Plaza: 5339 N IH 35 Suite 100, Austin Texas 78723
    • Cedar Park: 1301 Medical Parkway Suite 200, Cedar Park, Texas 78613
    • Buda: 5235 Overpass Road, Suite 100, Buda, Texas 78610
  • To confirm your location, or for other questions before your appointment, please call our main office line at 512.324.0098.
  • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics has a strict no-show/late policy due to the demand of services. If you are going to be late or need to cancel your appointment, please call the main clinic line at 512.324.0098.

During Your Appointment

Does my child have to be present throughout the entire visit?

  • Much of your child’s evaluation and care is based off of clinical observations and interactions with your child. Additionally, most insurance requires face-to-face interaction with your child. That being said, some families may prefer NOT to have their child present for the discussion and feedback part of the visit. Please be aware that if you prefer this, Parents may choose to bring the child and another adult to supervise the patient. We do not have staff to provide supervision for your child so please plan ahead for an adult (18+) to supervise your child in the waiting room.

Does DBP prescribe medication?

  • Developmental pediatricians and DBP nurse practitioners do prescribe and manage medication. If part of your child’s treatment plan, your DBP provider, primary care physician, or other treating medical provider may manage your child’s medications. Location, availability, or patient preference determines the best fit for your family.

Will my child receive a diagnosis at their appointment?

  • At your initial appointment, it is possible to receive a diagnosis. Otherwise, your provider may refer you for additional appointment(s) for further evaluation to take place. The provider will always conclude the appointment with a plan for you and your child.

Can my child be seen via telehealth?

  •  Due to Covid-19, our clinic has offered telehealth services. We are open to collaborating with the family if this is something you prefer. However, insurance providers vary regarding coverage for telehealth visits. Your child must be seen at least once a year in person and more frequently if we are managing medications.

What is the policy on bringing siblings to my child’s appointment?

  • Please refer to Ascension-Seton’s policies here

After Your Appointment

Will my child continue to see their pediatrician?

  • Yes, DBP providers are considered specialists which means that they commonly consult on specific questions and provide recommendations to your pediatrician. Your child should continue to see their pediatrician for health concerns and for well child checks.

Where are the results of this appointment shared?

  • The results of your appointment will automatically be shared with the referring provider — most likely your child’s pediatrician. If you would like additional copies, please call the clinic at 512.324.0098.

How do I get a copy of the results from my appointment?

  • Due to HIPAA, we cannot electronically send the full report from your child’s appointment. If you would like to have it fax or mailed, please call our social worker 512.324.9999 extension 88960 to request a copy.

Who should I call with questions after my child’s appointment?

  • If you have questions about resources or support, please contact our social worker at 512.324.9999 extension 88960. If you have medical questions or need to schedule a follow up, please call the main line and request to talk to the nurse: 512.324.0098.