The Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Clinic has a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, psychologists, psychometrists, social workers, and a variety of support staff. Our team works together to offer comprehensive support to families with developmental and behavioral disabilities in a variety of services including medical needs, social emotional support, basic needs, and more.

Medical Team

Sheri Ravenscroft, MD, FAAP

  • Role: Section Chief, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Year started with DBP: 2016
  • Interest or hobbies: Yoga, travel, and nutrition
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Mental Health, and programmatic development


Nhung Tran, MD, FAAP

  • Role: Medical Doctor
  • Year started with DBP: 2020
  • Interests or hobbies: Traveling, children’s advocacy, cooking
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Special interests are in (a) evaluation and management of children with dual diagnoses (developmental disabilities with co-occurring behavioral or mental health disorders) and children with biological risks factors such as genetic disorders and prenatal substance exposures, (b) continuing medical education and training of pediatric students and residents and practicing pediatricians on improving early identification and management of developmental-behavioral issues within primary care, (c) State and local advocacy on integration of children’s mental health into primary care.


Natalie Cerda, MD, MPH

  • Role: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician
  • Year started with DBP: 2021
  • Interests or hobbies: hiking, reading, cooking
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Improving access to care for children with neurodevelopmental challenges, with a special focus on quality improvement, health equity, and advocacy


Cordelia Garcia, FNP-C

  • Role: Nurse Practitioner
  • Year started with DBP: 2018
  • Interests or hobbies: I enjoy family, friends and fun!
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Autism and ADHD


ChaKyra Sealie, BSN, RN

  • Role: Registered Nurse
  • Year started with DBP: 2019
  • Interests or hobbies: I enjoy cooking and baking, knitting, jewelry making and board or card games!
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Understanding autism and genetic testing


Nirali Amin, BSN, RN

  • Role: Registered Nurse
  • Year started with DBP: 2022
  • Interests or hobbies: I enjoy cooking, watching television shows, and hanging out
    with family/friends!
  • Specific clinical/research interests: Mental health