The Role of the Dietitian

The CBCC dietitian helps cancer patients maintain adequate nutrition and health during treatment. Cancer and its treatments can negatively affect a child’s appetite and tolerance of food, making it difficult to keep the body strong and growing.

The dietitian helps parents understand their child’s specific nutritional needs and develops individual eating plans. Through the Food Fight for Life nutrition program, the dietitian educates families with scientific, evidence-based nutrition information and teaches fun, easy ways to prepare and incorporate cancer-fighting foods into everyday life. Food Fight for Life helps to empower children to explore new tastes and nutrients and build positive relationships with food.

Consuming the right foods can help a child achieve normal growth and development and manage treatment side effects that impact his or her ability to continue normal activities and thrive. Some cancer treatments work better when the patient is well-nourished, and may lead to a better prognosis and quality of life.