The Role of the Child Life Specialist

CBCC child life specialists provide developmental, emotional, and social guidance to ease the stress and anxiety that children and their families face during difficult diagnoses and treatments. Child life specialists help patients understand their medical procedures and express their feelings through therapeutic and medical play.

In addition to working directly with patients and families in both the hospital and outpatient clinical settings, the CBCC child life team coordinates psychosocial services and special events such as:

  • School presentations to help patients and their peers understand the challenges of transitioning back to school caused by chronic illnesses and treatment
  • Beads of Courage, a legacy bead program
  • Initiate benevolent referrals for patients who qualify for wish organizations, camps, and other non-profit organizations
  • The Hungry Bunch Teen Support Group encourages adolescent patients to build positive friendships and strong connections with peers who understand and have experience with blood disorders and cancer
  • R.I.S.E. Fitness, formerly known as Survivor Challenge, is a safe and structured physical training program to help patients and their families make the choice to exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.