Why Specialty Cancer Treatment Centers May Boost Survival

girl looking at pillsIf your child’s doctor has detected a tumor or suspects your child may be at risk for cancer, you may want to consider taking your child to a specialty pediatric oncology center. A children’s cancer hospital may increase your child’s chance of being properly diagnosed and treated over a community hospital that treats a wide range of medical issues.

While some children are able to receive quality cancer treatment at community hospitals for straightforward cases, hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment are often able to catch and treat a wider range of uncommon or difficult cancers.

They’re Focused on Children’s Cancer Treatment

Children’s cancer hospitals are often a better option for children with cancer due to their focus on treating cancer and their familiarity with how it occurs and develops within children. Cancer typically occurs in children for different reasons and in different ways than adults.

Because of this, children often receive better treatment at pediatric oncology centers specialized to the way cancer affects them. More so than adults, this holds true even if it’s not an uncommon type or manifestation of cancer.

A children’s cancer hospital is usually better suited to treat cancer in kids because its staff have the focus and experience to address the special needs that children have.

They Treat More Cancer Patients

Some procedures and treatments work best when performed by specialized doctors with a great deal of experience. Often, surgical procedures benefit the most when being treated at a children’s cancer hospital, while standard treatments like chemotherapy may not require specialized care.

Because a children’s cancer hospital only treats cancer, they also tend to have access to the newest laboratory and imaging facilities overseen by cancer specialists. A children’s cancer hospital is also more likely to have a more robust team of cancer specialists who work directly with each other.