4 Ways Friends & Family Can Support a Child With Cancer

It’s common knowledge that humans are social animals, and children thrive when they feel that they are loved. Undergoing pediatric cancer treatments is a difficult and scary time for a child, so receiving that love and support becomes even more important than ever.

If you have a child in your life that has been diagnosed with cancer, here are four ways you can show you care to help them make it through this difficult time in their life.

1. Be Helpful

It’s easy to say you’d like to help anyway you can, but it can be much more effective to offer specific ways you can help. Consider the needs of the child and their family and make an offer to address what you can, whether it’s a cooking dinner on Wednesdays or providing a ride to a weekly appointment.

2. Be Understanding

Pediatric cancer treatments can take a toll on the mind and body of a child receiving them. There may be days when the child wants to be alone and days when he or she needs your support. Be mindful and respect their feelings, even if they change from day to day.

Maintaining a positive and optimistic viewpoint is crucial for children undergoing pediatric cancer treatments.

3. Be Sensitive

Undergoing pediatric cancer treatments can cause a child to develop sensitivities to certain foods, scents and textures. When visiting a child who’s undergoing cancer treatment, always be mindful of perfume you wear or the foods you eat beforehand.

4. Be a Good Friend

When you visit a child undergoing cancer treatment, you provide a distraction from the realities of their treatment. Consider topics related to their interests to talk about, and do your best to commiserate about the fears or insecurities the child may feel about their treatment.