3 Benefits of Seeking Treatment at a Children’s Cancer Hospital

Child Cancer SurvivorCancer is a condition that affects all types of people, and that includes people of different age groups. People can develop cancer for just as wide a variety of reasons, however the main causes of cancer in adults tends to differ than those of children.

Because of these differences, a children’s cancer hospital is better suited to treating cancer in children than one that focuses on treating adult cancers. Here are three ways that children’s cancer differs from those developed by adults.

1. Children Respond Differently to Pediatric Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment is difficult for anyone who experiences it. However, the natural growth and resiliency of a child’s body often aids children who are undergoing these treatments.

This isn’t always the case; radiation therapy for small children is often more difficult than it is for adults. However, chemotherapy tends to be more effective for children. It is also typically used by children’s cancer hospitals to treat the types of cancers that children develop.

2. Children Get Cancer for Different Reasons

Cancer can develop in a person for a wide variety of reasons. However, adults typically develop cancer from exposure to environmental toxins such as asbestos, cigarette smoke or sun over-exposure. These environmental toxins can take years to build up, so they are rarely the cause for cancer in children.

Rather than cancerous cell growth due to toxins built up in a person’s tissues like the skin or lungs, childhood cancers develop within the cells of basic body components such as the blood and bones.

3. Children Need More Support

Although a child’s body is more naturally resilient than an adult body, this same resilience often makes cancer more difficult to detect. The most important part of cancer treatment is early detection. The difficulty in detecting cancer in children early on can make the need for immediate treatment more important.