How One Boy Decided to Help Children With Cancer

Child in Hospital BedEven at the best of times, dealing with childhood cancer can be a difficult journey. Physical effects such as hair loss caused by some treatments can make it all the more difficult. But thanks to help from kids like Luke Acuna, a 9-year-old boy, the problem of hair loss has become a little less difficult.

Luke made a commitment to grow his hair to the one-foot length that allows it to be used in wig making for childhood cancer patients. Hair like Luke’s is donated to charities that make the wigs and distribute them to children undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other conditions that cause hair loss.

Charitable Wig Making for Childhood Cancer

The effects of hair loss caused by cancer treatments has the potential to erode a child’s self-esteem during an already difficult point in their life. This can negatively affect their treatment as well as their development.

Charities like Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love were created to provide wigs for children who aren’t able to afford them. Aside from monetary contributions, these charities use hair donated from others to create the wigs they give away.

Wigs and other hair prosthetics can help return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Donating Hair for Wigs

To donate hair, children grow their hair out by at least one foot. The ponytail that’s formed when gathering a child’s hair at the back is then cut off and donated to a charitable organization. Ponytails are often braided beforehand to make them easier to store and send.

Aside from being clean and dry, donated hair should not be bleached, permed or color-treated. Hair treated in these ways isn’t usable, unfortunately.