How to Make a Hospital Stay More Kid-Friendly

Nurse and PatientTreating childhood cancer often involves a stay at the hospital. Unfortunately, this can be a scary or intimidating prospect for some kids.

Here are a few ways you can help make a hospital stay more enjoyable for a child in your life who needs to stay in a hospital.

Make the Hospital Room a Home

Most kids are excited to visit new places, but for some, a hospital room can seem a little scary. Especially for lengthy hospital stays, help your child adapt to their new environment by making it feel as much like home as possible.

A special doll, pillow or blanket can go a long way to bringing some of the security they feel at home to their hospital room. A photo album of family and friends will help them maintain their connection to their home life. Games, puzzles and books they already love can make their hospital room feel more like home.

While a gift can help brighten a child’s day, focus on bringing things they already own and are familiar with.

Fill Up Your Child’s Day

Staying in the hospital for childhood cancer treatment disrupts daily routines and rituals, so it’s important to bring as many routines from home as possible.

You can also try to create new routines for your child to break up long days. Schedule regular visits with family and friends to help ease feelings of isolation your child may experience during lengthy stays.

A Child With Cancer Needs Support

Perhaps the most basic and important way you can help a child staying in the hospital is to give them plenty of emotional support and comfort. While family and friends may provide the bulk of that nurturing, meeting other children in the hospital sharing a similar experience can also help.