CBCC Nursing Team Continues to Grow

Brandi Westheimer, BSN, RN

Brandi Westheimer, BSN, RN

This summer the CBCC welcomed Brandi Westheimer to the nursing team. Brandi is no stranger to the Children’s Blood & Cancer Center (CBCC).   After completing nursing school, she joined Seton Medical Center Austin as a staff nurse working in adult oncology, and prior to that she was a member of the CBCC front office team for five years where she worked as a reimbursement specialist helping families with insurance and funding.

“I wanted to return to CBCC because the employees of the clinic treat everyone like family. There is a tremendous amount of teamwork that occurs here”, says Brandi. “Also, I am astonished by how hard everyone works to make this an enjoyable experience for the children.”

Brandi sees patients during their appointments and also during treatment in the infusion room.

“When I was working in the front office I was very familiar with the names of the patients but now that I am in a nursing role it has been fun to finally put the names with faces. I think that the most rewarding part of my work is the ability to build relationships with my patients and their families. I love seeing the children learn and grow while they are going through treatment.”

“It is important to be a stable fixture in the lives of our families. We have special bonds that we create with them and in order to care for them properly it is imperative that we take care of ourselves as well. I enjoy going to yoga, playing with my doggies, and spending time working on hobbies while I am away so that when I return to work I feel like I can better handle the emotions and challenges that come my way.”

When not working, Brandi loves to cook!

“Whenever I travel I take a cooking class. A hobby of mine is canning. My favorite things to can are pickles and jam!”