Hydration Station

Summertime is finally here and that means it’s HOT especially in Texas. Hydrating our bodies is so important and even more so this time of year. Water is a necessity of life and we must make sure that we keep the proper amount in our bodies. I personally have a hard time keeping track of how much water I drink daily and also can get bored of plain water.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the Academy of dietetics, “water averages 60 percent of our own body weight”!

Below are five fun ways to obtain water without even thinking about it!

  • Fruit infused water: A fun way to adequately hydrate yourself is to put fruit in your water!
fruit drinks


Examples of fruit combinations:

Watermelon+Blueberry    Strawberry+Mango

Cherry+Lime                      Raspberry+Lemon




  • Carry a fun water bottle everywhere you go: Having a water bottle that you personally love makes drinking water even more exciting. Choose a style, color, and design that fit just for you!


  • Sparkling fruit flavored water: Sparkling water can help the craving for sodas and juices. The carbonation and flavor is a great and refreshing way to satisfy your taste buds.


  • Use a straw: Drinking from a straw can help with drinking large amounts in a shorter period of time. Also, what’s better than a festive straw?


  • Challenge a friend and set a goal: Choose an “accountabilibuddy” to work with and set a goal of how many cups or ounces to drink each day. Having a friend a part of the process makes it a lot easier!

Written by: Natalie Grisham, UT Dietetic Intern