CBCC Welcomes Kate McGeorge to the Nursing Team!

Kate McGeorge started her nursing career on the surgical/trauma unit at Dell Children’s in October 2011. She had been working as a charge nurse and nurse preceptor for four and a half years when a position became available at the CBCC.

kate McGeorge_crop

Kate McGeorge RN, BSN, CPN

Kate credits the impact that the CBCC hematology/oncology program has on patients and the Austin community as reason why she wanted to be a part of the program. She is thrilled to join the CBCC team.

Why and how did you decide to work in pediatric hematology/oncology?

My initial interest in pediatric hematology/oncology started in nursing school, where a majority of my advanced level clinical work took place on a hematology/oncology floor. Throughout my time as a pediatric nurse, I realized that I took a special interest in the hematology/oncology patient population and that working at CBCC would be a perfect fit for me. 

It takes a lot of compassion and strength to care for pediatric oncology patients as they become more like family. Where do you get your strength to handle the emotional rollercoaster these families face?

I get my strength from the patients and families who show incredible strength each and every day.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

I truly enjoy the educational aspect of nursing. Being able to teach parents and patients a new skill or provide them with useful knowledge and seeing positive results is one of the greatest parts of my job!

 What impact do you hope you make in your position and with your patients and their families?

I hope I can establish trusting and positive relationships with my patients and their families. I hope to use my abilities to coach and encourage patients and their families so that they are receiving the knowledge and empowerment needed to improve health outcomes.

What is something patients or your team might be surprised to know about you?

I love traveling and experiencing new and unique cultures throughout the world! Most recently I have traveled to Thailand, Peru, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Oh and India…where I volunteered as a nurse treating dermatological conditions and providing   preventative health services to local villagers who did not have access to health care. I also am in Pediatric Nurse Practitioner School at Texas Tech University.