CBCC Welcomes Emily Cake to the Nursing Team!

We are happy to introduce Emily Cake, who joined the CBCC staff in December. Emily has been a nurse for almost seven years. She worked the past five of those years at Dell Children’s Medical Center, and looks forward to working with pediatric hematology/oncology patients and families at the CBCC.


Emily Cake RN, BSN, CPN

Emily is thrilled to be part of the CBCC team and shares her perspective of working with children with cancer and their families.

What attracted you to the cancer program?

I thought it would be great to work somewhere where I could get to know the patients and families and not only see them and help them through bad days, but get to see them on their good days as well and be able to follow and be part of their journey from beginning to end.

Why and how did you decide to work in pediatric hematology/oncology?

The hem/onc clinic is one of the only pediatric clinics I can work as a clinic nurse and still get to use many of the same nursing skills that I acquired while working in the hospital setting. Most clinic nurses don’t get to do all the lab draws, IV starts, port access, and infusions that we do here in the CBCC.

It takes a lot of compassion and strength to care for pediatric oncology patients as they become more like family. Where do you get your strength to handle the emotional rollercoaster these families face?

It comes from the kids themselves! They are such strong and brave fighters. Many times you can see them smiling and playing while they get treatment here. They inspire me to forget the small stuff in my own life and focus on all of their accomplishments and the wins they have every day. I would say there are many more happy days than sad days, and those happy days help on the sad days.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

The very best is seeing these patients and their families go through this journey and come out stronger. It is so awesome to see someone who had a horrible day last week have a great day this week. My most favorite thing is our end of treatment parties because we get to celebrate the patient, the family, and the team that stuck together to get to a happy ending.

What impact do you hope you make in your position and with your patients and their families?

I want to be everyone’s favorite nurse! Joking aside, I hope to be someone they can trust to provide them with safe and excellent care every day, someone who can make them laugh and feel truly cared for, and someone they can come to for support or even just a listening ear.

What is something patients or your team might be surprised to know about you?

I grew up in Austin and now live in Mueller with my husband and 1 ½ year old. I truly feel blessed that I can live, work and play in this community. I also love to dance. I can never pass up Tiff’s Treats or cola flavored Sno-Beach sno cones. And I can speak Spanish fluently.