Young Texans Against Cancer

March 24, 2015

Since 2008 Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC) have supported Children’s Blood & Cancer Center patients through grants and volunteerism. Each YTAC member has been affected by cancer in some way and is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for local research and support organizations.

YTAC was established as a nonprofit organization in 2001 by a group of 44 young individuals in the Houston area. Each founding member had something in common – cancer. Some personally battled cancer, while others witnessed loved ones struggling with the disease.  This passionate group set goals to raise funds for local research and support organizations and increase cancer awareness among young people between the ages of 22 and 40.




(CBCC patients volunteered at YTAC’s 5th Annual Spice for Life Chili Cook-Off on February 21. “CBCC Team Spice Kids” was thrilled to receive the Most Spirited Award!)



Today YTAC chapters exist in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. YTAC Austin began in 2007, and shortly thereafter, the organization awarded the CBCC its first grant. Through the years, YTAC grants have supported Hungry Bunch Prom and monthly events, Camp Volente support group for bereaved families, and the annual St. Baldrick’s cancer awareness fair. YTAC members roll up their sleeves and volunteer at CBCC events, which make their gifts even more meaningful.

As the current president of YTAC Austin, BK Newsom says it’s great to be part of such a young and enthusiastic group, statewide, that is dedicated to the fight against cancer.

“YTAC events and volunteering at the Hungry Bunch Prom bring our members face to face with childhood cancer. We see how much an event like this can lift the kids’ spirits and realize the impact we are able to make. It helps to drive home our goals to help find a cure and provide relief from the struggle to those currently battling this disease.

The Austin chapter of YTAC has seen phenomenal growth.  Since 2008, we’ve increased our annual grant amount by 495 percent.  We hope and expect this trend will continue into the years to come.

We have a very grass roots objective when determining our grant recipients.  As an Austin-based organization, we focus on local groups, typically smaller in nature, where our grants can really have a lasting impact and benefit.  Many of our beneficiaries depend on our grants to either help continue operating or to help expand their operations and improve the services that they are providing.  Even though we grant a relatively small amount of money compared to larger organizations, we believe we are able to have a significant impact due to this philosophy.

We strongly believe that the fight against cancer is as much of a mental battle as it is physical.  If we help provide these kids with one day or one afternoon where they can forget about the stress of the battle and just be kids, then it’s all worth it.”

The CBCC is grateful to the Young Texans Against Cancer!