Superhero Kids

December 15, 2014

Samia-John-300x200Samia and John Joseph are longtime volunteers of Dell Children’s. Several years ago after they began volunteering in the CBCC outpatient clinic, it didn’t take long for them to understand the devastating effects of cancer and blood disorders on families.  They met parents who were forced to quit their jobs to care for their sick child.They learned that that many families are often forced to choose between paying for medical needs for their sick child or basic living needs like food or shelter. The Josephs were saddened as they watched families become overwhelmed with the financial burden of their child’s illness.

“We really felt like we needed to do something more for these kids to help their families survive on a daily basis,” says Samia.

In 2009 they founded Superhero Kids with a mission to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and their families during treatment and beyond. Since then, they’ve been helping families in crisis and have become an important safety net for CBCC families—providing money for food, electric bills, car repairs, rent,or even to pay for wigs, medicine or funeral expenses. The Josephs also bring smiles and enjoyment to families by supporting a variety of CBCC programs.

Before Superhero Kids, families had no place to turn for help to pay for their family’s basic needs.

To date,Superhero Kids has provided more than $250,000 in financial assistance and CBCC program support.The Josephs are grateful to be part of the lives of CBCC patients and say they receive much more than they give.

“For John and me, the greatest gift we’ve received is getting to know the families,” says Samia. “We feel like we have lifelong friends.These kids are such an inspiration – they go through life fighting and fighting and fighting. They go through it every day, yet they have smiles on their faces. This is the best life lesson any of us can learn.”

“We’ve now been volunteering at the CBCC long enough to watch the impact of Superhero Kids,” says John.  “Our commitment is that 100 percent of the money raised goes to the kids. We want to help every family with financial aid and we’re hoping to help Superhero Kids keep growing to address the demand.”