Karrie Stuhlsatz, BS, RD, CSP, LD



Karrie Stuhlsatz received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University in 1999. After one year practicing as a cardiac dietitian, Karrie dove into the world of pediatric nutrition and has spent over 14 years working with this population, obtaining her Certification as a Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition. Karrie saw her first ketogenic diet patient in 2001, and this population has remained a priority throughout her career as a pediatric dietitian. Using diet therapy as a form of medication to treat medical conditions is both rewarding for Karrie and many of the patients she has worked with.

At the Dell Children’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Karrie participates in initiation and management of diet therapy for children with seizures, and education with the International Epilepsy Program.