Q: How long will my child be in the hospital?
A: The length of hospital stay depends on your child and family’s progress. The average length of stay is five days.

Q: Can my child use a phone?
A: Yes, all patients can receive and make calls. Your child may only use the phone during designated call times.

Phone times:
Monday to Friday
12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday
12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Q: Who may visit my child?
A: Upon admission, you will get an access code and complete a form which states the immediate family members you wish to visit with or speak to your child. Visitors should be parents, primary caretakers or household members over the age of 12. Patients are NOT allowed to have friends visit or call. ONLY TWO VISITORS WILL BE ALLOWED AT A TIME.

Visiting hours:

Monday to Friday
6 pm.-6:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Q: How will I know how my child is doing?
A: You can call the unit at any time and ask to speak to the nurse. Information about your child’s progress, treatment or behavior will be provided regularly through the social worker. Anyone requesting information about or to speak with your child must have the access code provided at the time of admission.

Q: Can my child have outside food or drinks?
A: Hospital policy does not allow outside food or drinks.

Q: What should patients bring?
A: We suggest bringing only necessary clothing as we have limited storage space. Patients will have access to a washer and dryer. The hospital can provide toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, comb, brush, feminine products, lotion and deodorant. We suggest packing three to five shirts, two to four pairs of pants, five to six pairs of underpants and bras, five to six pairs of socks and two sets of pajamas. The following items are allowed:

  • Five cosmetic items without mirrors, glass or sharp edges
  • Personal hygiene items that are alcohol free and in non-aerosol containers
  • Modest clothing free of drawstring, shoelaces and designs or pictures containing alcohol, drugs, cursing or violent themes
  • Books, magazines and journals (No spiral or staple-bound)
  • Home medications or medication list. Any home medications will be securely stored in the hospital pharmacy
  • Necessary medical devices such as a breathing machine
  • Comfort items such as pillow, blanket or stuffed animal that must remain in patient’s room

All items must be checked for safety by security and staff.   We are a locked facility with controlled access between units.