The Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit at Dell Children’s provides compassionate, personalized behavioral and mental health services for children and their families. Our Ascension care teams at Dell Children’s partner with your family to provide the support and guidance when and where your child needs it. Our unit gives children in Central Texas access to the most comprehensive healthcare services all under one roof. Our one-of-a-kind care treats your child’s mind, body and spirit.

Who We Serve

The Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit provides care for patients ages 6-17 who may be in crisis due to mental health concerns. Treatment takes place in our 24-bed inpatient hospital and brings children and adolescents back to a level of safety and stability so they can return home as quickly as possible. Our interdisciplinary treatment team provides immediate evaluation, 24-hour nursing and psychiatric care, medication as needed and a plan for future outpatient treatment. Our team of experts — psychiatrists, specially trained nursing staff, and licensed social workers — work with patients and their families to identify and help manage behavioral and mental health concerns and develop a treatment plan to address these needs upon the child’s return to their home. Once stabilized, patients are encouraged to continue treatment by participating in one of our outpatient programs. For more information on our inpatient programs for children and adolescents, please call us at 512-324-0029 or email us at

Why Choose Us

  • Integrated care for kids. The full spectrum of mental and general health services, including inpatient hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) and outpatient psychiatry and psychology services will be provided by Ascension care teams at Dell Children’s. Children and teens with medical needs, either related or unrelated to their mental health, can be monitored and treated on site, eliminating the need for a stressful facility transfer.
  • Taking care of the whole family. Children and teens will be treated in a family friendly unit specifically designed for them. Parents can be confident that their child can maintain their therapeutic relationship with their mental health providers after being discharged from the hospital through our new onsite intensive outpatient program.
  • Full circle approach. In addition to providing inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment we take great care to address a child’s entire spectrum of physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs with an experienced team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, expressive therapists, social workers and dietitians.