Our mission is to be a center of excellence for children’s health with a strong alliance of expert personnel, facilities and other specialty resources. We are dedicated to the care of children and adolescents throughout 46 counties. We believe that no child should be refused healthcare regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.


Our values can be encompassed by the following:


We proudly acknowledge our responsibility as a leader in the delivery of pediatric care. We believe that part of this responsibility lies in understanding healthcare as being centered around the entire family and involving family members in decisions about their child’s health.


We believe in high quality, cost-effective programs designed to meet the needs of any child. To this end, our pediatric care is consolidated into one regional referral center. This central organization is vital for our physicians, nurses and allied medical personnel to develop their professional skills so that children and families receive only the best care.


We are a leader in the development of partnerships with other organizations that share our mission and values. This means that we are able to reach a wider demographic of children in need and that we offer our support to partner organizations that might benefit from our expertise.


We believe in education as one of the pillars of long-lasting health. Our pediatric healthcare includes educational activities that support and complement our other services so that each child we serve can look forward to a bright, healthy future and benefit the broader community.


Making use of our resources in the most efficient way possible is central to improving the quality of life for the most children. That’s why we are prudent with our resources and utilize the support of our Central Texas community to the greatest end.