Healing Power of Art and Nature

Kid’s Hometown Art Winners



Elliot R. Perreault, age 7

Williamson County
Kathy Caraway School

Description: 11″x17″ – Watercolor and crayon painting depicting a child in the back seat of his dad’s red car. The features of the sky are very prominent and oversized – including large, pink clouds and a bright yellow and orange sun in a green sky. There’s also a small bicycle on the size of the road and a small airplane in the sky.

Essay: Hello. My name is Elliot. My dad is going to Houston to see my PaPa. This trip will be 4 hours long. Wow, this is going to be a long, long, long trip for me. Me and my dad will have a lot of fun on this trip. I see a few people jogging on the sidewalk. My picture has pink clouds and a red road and one bike. I am going to have so, so much fun on the road. On the way I saw one or two airplanes. But I made it to Houston safely. The End.

North Side


Selina Gonzales, age 12

Travis County
Burnet Middle School

Description: This is a slightly abstract piece done in primarily dark hues with splashes of brighter colors like hot pink, red, blue and green. The scene shows her neighborhood with oversized buildings and appears to be from somewhat of bird’s eye view. There are many brushstrokes and blended colors where the paint colors overlap and run together. There are also many geometric shapes throughout, including grids, circles and dots.

Essay: This artwork represents my hood. I live in north Austin. Some things you can see in this abstract painting include dogs, cats (marked out), a street that goes all the way around, McE.Dees, HEB (the side), and my apartments. Like this painting, my neighborhood looks busy and complicated. All that’s missing is the gambling place and the Payless.

Tree Haven

dcmc_kidsart_2Shannon Guajardo, age 10

Bastrop County
Bluebonnet Elementary

Description: This is an 11″x17″ mixed media piece. It uses paint, marker and 3D objects like sticks and rocks to depict a small house in the middle of the woods. The trees are made from very small twigs to create the trunk and branches and are laid over a painted green background that acts as the foliage. The rock house and surrounding wall are made from tiny white pebbles and the swimming pool is depicted with blue glitter over blue paint to create a reflective look.

Essay: My picture is of our house, my peepaw’s workshop and swimming pool and a creek and a fence with lot of trees made with twigs.

Old Bastrop Bridge

dcmc_kidsart_4Dylan Sutton, age 14

Bastrop County
Bastrop High School

Description: This detailed sketch is done with a mix of graphite pencil and prisma color pencils, featuring an eagle as it flies over a bridge. The color palette is dominated by blues, greens and browns with black outlines on most every object. The sketch has an animation-like feel to it.

Essay: My artwork “Old Bastrop Bridge” depicts my hometown’s historic bridge in it’s heyday spanning the muddy Colorado from the bird’s-eye view of a hawk. I picked the bridge to draw because it was very important to Bastrop when it was growing and expanding. The bridge connected Bastrop and helped cars travel back and forth across the wide Colorado. I chose to do the perspective from a bird’s-eye view because I thought it was creative and it showed the bridge from a different angle than people normally see. The whole artwork was sketched first with pencil then colored with prism colored pencils.