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Marni Paul Specialty Care Center
Neuromuscular Program

The Neuromuscular program which is orthopedic focused, cares for children with a multitude of conditions, i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Arthrogyposis. The goal of our program is to manage the complex medical needs of these children as well as provide support and guidance for their family and caregivers.

Program Staff and Services
Patients with a referral and notes from their Primary Care Physician can be seen in the neuromuscular clinic, can call (512) 324-0137. A team evaluation will be arranged and information will be communicated with the family. Team recommendations will be shared with the Primary Care Physician as well as other medical providers.

Team members include: Pediatric Orthopedist, Orthotist, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Social Worker, Nutrition, Child Life Specialist and Nurse Coordinator.

The Neuromuscular program is held 7 times a month at the Specialty Care Center. During the visit, the family will meet with the team to discuss treatment options. X-rays may be obtained during the visit. This is an excellent opportunity for family to discuss their concerns or ask questions.