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Kohl's Booster Buddies

The Kohl's Booster Buddies Program is a community and school based educational program targeted to children ages 4 to 8 years of age and their families. The program involves community and classroom education offerings, booster seat distributions, a mass media campaign, and program evaluation. Through collaboration with community partners, area school districts, and Kohl's Department Stores, the Kohl's Booster Buddies Program will touch the lives of thousands of children and families in the Austin metropolitan area.

What is a booster seat?
A booster seat is used for children who have outgrown their "car seats" but are too small for adult seat belts. A booster seat provides a child with artificial height so the seat belt rests on the strongest parts of the child's body.

Not all booster seats look the same – what's the difference?
There are two types of booster seats: "high-back" and "backless" (also referred to as "no-back" or "low-back"). Both booster seats serve the same purpose: adding artificial height to the child so that the adult seat belt fits across the strongest part of the child's body. Backless booster seats can be used when the vehicle seat has an adjustable headrest. When the vehicle seat does not have an adjustable headrest, a high-back booster should be used.

What is the Texas State Law?
Texas law requires booster seats for children who have outgrown car seats, but are under 8 years old, unless they have reached 4 foot 9 inches in height. Most children between ages 4 to 8 years of age will need a booster seat to be safe and comply with the law.

When can my child ride in just a seat belt?
Parents can use the Seat Belt Fit Test to determine if the child is big enough to use an adult seat belt without a booster seat. Click on Seat Belt Fit Test for more information.