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Concussion Center

The Concussion Center offers comprehensive care for children and adolescents who have sustained concussion(s) or head trauma and are experiencing symptoms related to the injury. Our program follows the latest evidence-based guidelines for proper management and assists with appropriate return to activities and sports as a patient recovers from injury. The multidisciplinary team consists of neurologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, neuropsychologists, social workers, mental health specialists, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and certified medical assistants.


  • Acute care for patients who have experienced recent concussion
  • Ongoing monitoring and treatment for full recovery from injury
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for those suffering from long-term effects of head injury includes; initial and follow up neurological exams, cognitive and psychological assessments, need for academic accommodations and formal assessment of balance and postural stability to determine appropriate concussion management for recovery of injury.

A summary of the patient's condition and recommendations for further activity and treatment, including school accommodations, will be provided at each visit. For more complex cases the multidisciplinary team will review the each case to determine the need for further medical treatments and testing.

The Concussion Center is a resource for patients, parents, schools, and healthcare providers.

  • We work closely with families, schools, and healthcare providers for effective concussion management and recovery.
  • We can provide support to school districts in establishing their “concussion oversight team” and appropriate policies for managing concussed student-athletes.
  • We provide oversight, consultation, and training to a network of physicians, at both the primary care and sub-specialist levels, who participate collaboratively in the appropriate care of all Central Texas youths who are affected by this common condition.

Our multi-disciplined staff includes:

  • Michael Reardon, MD, Medical Director, pediatric neurologist
  • Lindsay Elton, MD, pediatric neurologist
  • Emily Greenspahn,PhD, neuropsychologist
  • Jeffery Titus, PhD, Neuropsychologist
    • Dawn McElvain, CPNP
    • R. Rebecca Perkins,PNP-BC
    • Liz Cross, PNP-BC
    • Derrick Chan, Physical Therapist
    • Cally Martin, Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Jamie Wilson, Certified Athletic Trainer

Our Sports Medicine specialists: