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Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Magnetoencephalogram (MEG)

MEG is one of the newest, non-invasive tests that records brain activity. The results can be placed in a 3 dimensional manner on a MRI image. This helps to determine the location of where the seizure starts. This process is called Magnetic Source Imaging (MSI). This allows doctors to see certain signals form in the brain and can improve the detection of potential sources of seizures by revealing the exact location of the abnormality. It may also be able to confirm brain waves typical of epilepsy caused by a brain lesion. When a patient is being considered for surgery, MEG provides accurate information about where motor, sensory, and language areas are in the brain. The MEG scan is safe and painless, and it is done offsite.

What to expect:

For this test, your child will need to lie still for about 1 to 4 hours, depending on how much information is needed. If he or she is unable to lie still on their own, they may need to be given a sedative. The first test may be completed during drowsiness or sleep. Electrical stimulation is applied at the wrist which helps localize the sensory area in the brain. Your child will then be tested while he or she is awake, performing tasks such as reading, looking at pictures, or pressing buttons.