Our Healthcare Services

Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic

Primary Care

The Seton Children’s Comprehensive Care (CCC) clinic is a pilot, primary care clinic dedicated to the care of children with complex medical issues.  It is an innovative model that attempts to create a cohesive family-centered care delivery system to provide wrap-around care for children with complex medical issues.

Comprehensive Care

We seek to bring comprehensive care to the patient, offering continuity and coordination while considering family needs for sibling and caregiver support.  The foundational premise to this approach is the understanding that in pediatric care, contextual needs are as important as physical needs, remembering that a child lives in the context of family—to support the family, is to support the child.

Pediatric Medical Home

The clinic is organized in the format of a pediatric medical home that uses an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nursing and medical assistants, an RN case manager, a social worker, child life specialist, and school liaison. In addition to providing the services of our core team, we facilitate in-clinic consultation with child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry, and with physical medicine and rehabilitation.