Patient and Family Resources

Amenities / Accommodations

Family Resource Center

The Kevin and Debra Rollins Family Resource Center provides information and support for patients, families and the community related to hospitalization, child health, and parenting as well as information about pediatric health resources both at the hospital and in the community. The center’s reference collection and computerized reference materials include information on specific illnesses and conditions, growth and development, and nutrition and safety. Families receive the support and guidance they need to use these materials from a dedicated medical librarian and nurse educator.

By providing information and support to families, the Family Resource Center hopes to improve communication between health care providers and family members and increase understanding of patients’ health needs–ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for the children and youth we serve.

The Family Resource Center is located on the 3rd floor close to the main entrance to the medical center.

Free Wireless Internet Access

To help patients, their families and visitors stay connected with life beyond the hospital, free wireless Internet access is available.

Patients and other guests can use their personal laptops, PDAs, or other handheld devices to access the Internet via Seton’s public wireless network called ‘Seton Family Access’. The service is especially beneficial to patients and their families who may need to remain in the hospital for an extended period of time and want a way to keep up with personal or work-related activities.

Patient rooms also have Ethernet ports for those people who do not have wireless computers. The family resource center has several PCs with internet access for those people who do not have computers.

Art and Nature-Gardens and Trails

A stroll through Dell Children’s has been described by design specialists as “breathtaking.”
It features:

  • a three-acre, multi-level Healing Garden complete with a labyrinth, human sundial, reflecting pond and bridge;
  • a plethora of art from both local and global artists, chosen more for the collection’s clinical healing power than for simple aesthetics; and
  • courtyards and gardens that represent each of the seven eco-systems, each corresponding to a distinct area of the 46-county Central texas region that Dell Children’s serves.

The Healing Garden is located on the southwest side of the building and wraps around the PICU, IMC and acute care floors. A native landscape palette and water feature will dominate the three-acre Healing Garden, which includes an outdoor theater, sculpture, water features, a labyrinth, a human sundial garden, butterfly gardens and the promise of discovery and surprise.  Public access is located at the south exit on the second floor.

The City of Austin has also created a hike & bike green belt that wraps the south side of the Muller Development Site.